Clavier Asus K53 ,K53E ,X53E ,X53S ,X53SC ,X53SD ,X53SJ ,X53SK ,X53SM ,X53SV Série


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  • Référence: CL-ASUS-K53
  • Clavier Asus Asus K53 ,K53E ,X53E ,X53S ,X53SC ,X53SD ,X53SJ ,X53SK ,X53SM ,X53SV Série

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  • Référence: CL-ASUS-K53
  • Clavier Asus G72, X53, X54H, k53, A53, A52J, K52N, G51V, G53, N53T, X55VD, N73S, N73J, P53S, X53S, X75V, B53J, UL50
  • Clavier Asus X73 X73E X73S X73SD X73SJ X73SL X73SM X73SV X73TA X73TK X75V X75VJ X75VM X77J X77JA X77JQ X77JV X77V X77VG X77VN K54D K54HR K54HY N53TK X55VD G60JX G60V G60VX FR
UGS : CL-ASUS-K53 Catégories : ,

  • Compatible
  • ASUS A Series: A52, A52B, A52D, A52DR, A52DY, A52F, A52J, A52JB, A52JC, A52JE, A52N, A53, A53BR, A53E, A53SK, A53SV, A53TA, A53Z, A54, A54C, A54H, A54HR, A54HY, A54L, A54LY, A73E.
    ASUS B Series: B53, B53E, B53F, B53J, B53S.
    ASUS F Series: F50, F50GX, F50N, F50Q, F50SF, F50SV, F50SL, F50Z, F70, F70SL.
    ASUS G Series: G51, G51J, G51JX, G51V, G51VX, G53, G53J, G53JD, G53JW, G53S, G53SW, G53SX, G60, G60J, G60JX, G60VX, G72, G72GX, G73, G73JH.
    ASUS K Series: K52, K52D, K52DE, K52DR, K52DY, K52F, K52J, K52JB, K52N, K52S, K53, K53BY, K53E, K53S, K53SC, K53SD, K53SJ, K53SD, K53SK, K53SM, K53SV, K53U, K53X, K53Z, K55DR, K55DE, K55N, K73, K73B, K73E, K73M, K73S, K73SD, K73SJ, K73SM, K73SV, K73Y.
    ASUS N Series: N50, N50V, N50VC, N50VG, N50VN, N51, N51A, N51TE, N51TP, N51VF, N53, N53DA, N53J, N53JF, N53JN, N53JQ, N53NB, N53S, N53SM, N53SN, N53SV, N61, N61Da, N61J, N61Ja, N61Jq, N61Jv, N61V, N61VF, N61VG, N61VN, N61W, N73, N73D, N73J, N73M, N73JN, N73S, N73SC, N73SV.
    ASUS P Series: P52, P52F, P52J, P52JC, P53, P53E, P53S, P53SJ.
    ASUS R Series: R503, R503A, R503C, R503U, R503VD.
    ASUS X Series: X52, X52F, X52J, X52JR, X53, X53E, X53S, X53SK, X53SM, X53SV, X53U, X54, X54C, X54H, X54HR, X54HY, X54L, X54X, X54XB, X54XI, X55, X55A, X55C, X55U, X55V, X55VD, X55X, X61SL, X61SV, X61Z, X66, X66IC, X66W, X73B, X73BR, X73BY, X73E, X73S, X73T, X73TA, X73TK, X75A, X75SV, X75U, X75VB, X75VC, X75VD.
    ASUS U Series: U50, U50A, U50AG, U50F, U50V, U50VF, U50VG, U50VF.
    ASUS ULSeries: UL50, UL50A, UL50V, UL50VT.
    ASUS UX Series: UX50, UX50V.
    ASUS W Series: W90, W90V, W90VN, W90VP.
    ASUS Z Series: Z54, Z54C, Z54H, Z54HR.


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